The Family Trees of the

Stedman, Potter, Harris and Martin families

The Stedman family

The earliest ancestor is Wyllyam Stedman of Rudgwick, West Sussex who was born around 1500. Rudgwick is near the border with Surrey. The family remained in this part of West Sussex until Nathaniel Stedman moved to Sevenoaks in the mid 18th century. In the early part of the 19th century, Robert Stedman, the first medical doctor in the family moved to Bookham in Surrey. His grandson, Osmund Stedman, the third doctor, practised in Hong Kong and on his return to England after WW1 settled in Weybridge Surrey. Nigel Stedman, his son, married Mary Potter in Weybridge.


The Potter family

The first member is Amos Potter of Pakenham in Suffolk born around 1760-1770, the second son of another Amos Potter. He was probably a yeoman farmer in a fairly wealthy agricultural area. Our branch of his large family, George Potter was the 6th son and became a wine merchant in London. His son Frank prospered and raised a large family in Kensington and then Wandsworth. One of his younger sons, Horace, in a London auction purchased a brewery in Wellington, Shropshire using his father's money. Horace went to run the brewery and married into the Slaney family of Wellington. Horace and family moved rather suddenly to Weybridge, Surrey in the summer of 1919.


The Harris family

The records start with Thomas Harris, an iron founder and millwright in Bedminster born in 1804. A small town then, Bedminster underwent a huge expansion in the 19th century due to rapid industrialisation and was subsumed into Bristol. Initially in timber, the family were then in the management of industrial scale cattle food production. They remained in Bristol until after WW2 when Ray Harris and his family moved to Chester.


The Martin family

Richard Martin (b 1786) came from Congresbury, Somerset where the family remained for another 3 generations. They were described as dealers in hay and straw or agricultural labourers. The fourth generation, George Martin gained a place in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital boarding school in Bristol. He remained in Bristol and became an Alderman. His daughter Sylvia married Ray Harris in Bristol.


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