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This is the website of the Stedman family of Ardingly (West Sussex), West Malling (Kent), and Great Bookham (Surrey) and the Potter family of Pakenham (Suffolk), Wandsworth (Surrey) and Wellington (Shropshire). For the Stedmans it covers the years from approximately 1500 and for the Potters from approximately 1780.

The Potter family includes data on the Slaney and Miskin families. The Stedman family in the coming months will have data on the Le Mesurier family. Many other connected families will be added as and when the data become available. Pictures, notes, events and anecdotes will also be added. Some notes are already in the database. These will be revised as they become superseded by newer research or are deemed to be irrelevant.

The main Stedman data base has been compiled by John Lisle in the USA who has spent many years researching the Stedmans worldwide. Our own side of the Stedmans from Kent, Surrey and Sussex is largely based on my research. The other main Stedman group in the UK are the Shropshire/Herefordshire Stedmans who trace their roots back to the Third Crusade. Their website can be found here. All of us would like to hear from anyone who thinks the database inaccurate or who can provide further information, pictures or anecdotes.

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